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SSL history and Revisions
« on: November 03, 2017, 08:48:24 PM »
Hi Everyone,
I have tried to put together a bit of history of SSL consoles and revisions of cards / computers and so on.
Been thorough google and the various sources and had a few email exchanges with Andy (amillar) and we came up with a good starting point.
I am going to lay it out here and would love feedback, input and any comments you guys might have.
I am finishing off a video that will make all of this very enjoyable to watch, so I am trying to secure correct dates and information.

Looking forward to your comments guys!

-1969 Solid state Logic Founded by Colin Sanders CBE. First product was a revolutionary FET switching system for pipe organs.
-Sometime in the early 70s Colin Sanders started Acorn Studios in Stonesfield Oxfordshire
-1976 Colin Sanders designed and built 2 SSL4000A 
-1977 Colin Sanders designed and built 6 SSL4000B. notably sold to the following studios
US (Producers Color),
Denmark (Tocano)
Germany (Country Lane)
Virgin’s Townhouse Studios in London. This console is currently owned by "The konnektor" inventor Werner Freistaetter in Austria
This is the "in the air tonight" by Phil Collins desk.               

-1980 SSL4000E released featuring:
   -Dual inline design
   -32 Buss routing
   -4 Main Outputs LF RF LR RR
   -Dynamics and EQ on each channel
   -82E01 Input card
   -82E02 Brown EQ
   -82E10 Dynamics card with 1537A VCA Chip.
   -82E11 Group card
   -82E12 Logic card
   -82E13 VCA card with “black” DBX 202 VCA
   -Tantalum capacitors (briefly)
-Early Computer (with 8” floppy) had 430 processor then 490, which with a memory upgrade could handle G series software for up to 56 channels.
   -3.5” floppy could be used with 490 processor with SASI card
   -VU meters

-1984 6000V was introduced which add the following extra features:
   -3 Stereo Output Busses A+B+C
-3 Stereo busses could be summed on SL688V Mix Matrix Module to feed stereo output.
-1980 until approximately 1987 SSL4000E & SSL6000V were manufactured with various modifications both from SSL and clients/users.
-082E01 Jensen 115 transformer OR 82e149 Dual line input (1984) OR 82E241 (?) transformerless input card available
-082E01 available with “switched gain” mod
-82E13 VCA card with “gold” DBX 202C, changed to “PCB” DBX 202X in about 1985.
   -Any EQ card 82E02 Brown, 82E132 “Pultec” Orange, 82E242 Black
-Channel input to meter option
-Stereo channel (611S) introduced 1984
-Plasma bargraph meters introduced 1981
-PPM (Black) meters introduced c 1982 for broadcast desks
-1986 quasi-balanced mix busses introduced
-82E11 card fitted with additional trim pot
-Aux bus balancing resistors added to 611
-New lower backplane with mix bus balancing resistors

-1987 SSL 4000G and SSL6000G were introduced. Grey paint, plastic trim. Upgraded 611 electronics. No change to existing centre section audio electronics. G series computer. Full size keyboard. 
-82E291 “high input level” transformerless mic and line input card, switched mic gain
-82E292 EQ card, high boost midrange, midrange frequency shift switches, “peaking” LF and HF sections (other EQs remained as options)
-82E293 logic card, internal -25V rail for improved FET switch drive
-82E294 group card, “high input level” group and tape inputs, “channel input to meters” as standard.
-Computer system would now accept 8” and 3.5” floppies plus the newly introduced Bernulli drive would be extra 20MB of space.
-Split cues system
-Patchable VCAs

(Not sure when the following came in)
   -Balanced Main and Monitor Outputs
   -Post compressor output
   -Phase scope
-Solo link (with G series?)
-Master Ready group (with G series?)
-Processors could have been 490, 4100A or Forman Hart.

-1993 SSL 4000G+ and 6000G+ introduced (Starting with serial number #1000) Bought by Townhouse Studios London.
Currently owned by Joe Barresi

   -Phase scope standard fitted
   -2 x PPM meters fitted on the centre section
   -post talkback compressor output on patchbay (“in the air tonight”)
   -LED meter illumination( no more bulbs)
   -Additional Mini Loudspeaker Output
-oxygen free cables
-4100C or Forman Hart/490/SASI processors and options.
-uses 3.5” floppy

-1996 SSL 4000 and 6000 G+ SE (Special Edition) introduced with new features
   -Ultimation and Total Recall as standard
   -New Group SOLO system AFL and PFL
-SOLO modes could be toggled between: (destructive SIP, Stereo AFL, Mono PFL)
-Bus output Matrix Providing 24/48 Multitrack routing
-8 A-H Busses introduced to provide 4 extra Stereo Aux Sends or extra 5.1 Mix Busses.
-Improved Track Bouncing and Grouping
-Switchable independent PAN control
-4 channel main monitor system with switchable INS point (pre post VCA).


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Re: SSL history and Revisions
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 09:28:00 PM »
G+ was much later, it was G first
1992 SSL 4048 G-Series
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Re: SSL history and Revisions
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2017, 01:06:55 AM »
G+ started at serial #1000 which went to Townhouse that Joe Barresi now has. 1993

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Re: SSL history and Revisions
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2017, 06:22:13 AM »
Hi guys, thank you for this. post updated.
I wonder if anyone has got more feedback?

Matt Sartori