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Ultimation motor string
« on: November 25, 2017, 07:16:52 PM »
hi all,

i just serviced a bunch of ultimation faders, and have a few things to add to arthur's very thorough tutorials.

first, here's the instructions for putting fresh string on the fader.
btw i found a perfect, if not better than original, replacement in braided fishing line. just make sure it's not elastic and has the right thickness.

another, maybe obvious thing - i saw that arthur is having a bit of a hard time getting the fader cassettes out.. they also have threads for module pullers. one on top is enough to pull them out really easily.

and lastly - if a fader seems to get a bit stuck on one end of its travel, the rod often sits a bit too low on that side. you would think the screws just pull everything into the perfect position, but i found more often than not lowering the bottom screw, moving the fader side/pulley assembly a tiny bit, and tightening everything carefully so it doesn't move does the trick.

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Re: Ultimation motor string
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 11:59:11 AM »

Thanks for the tips!  ;D Always a perfect complement to my instruction video! ;)

The ultimotor are those guys in US that make motor replacements for Ultimation faders. They are super expensive and me and Paavo found in Europe a much much cheaper replacement 100% retrofit. I have 2 faders retrofitted and works like a charm. 

Interesting the instructions are not that different from the ones I came up with practice. Good to know I was in the right path! ;) - The tension measurement is curious, I might investigate on a tool to measure tension and fine tune to specs. 

Could you share the reference for the fishing line? I use the original "cotton or wool" line from P&G, I just contacted them and bought a bunch, but I would be curious of alternatives since P&G is a bit expensive. 

I've never seen pullers for the fader cassetes, where did you get them?

Also never noticed the rod level problem you're mentioning. Always though they fit 100% in the intended position. Would be interesting if you could do a small video on this, since it's hard to visualize what you're saying.

What I noticed is that there are some faders which action will always be kind of stiffer/harder than the others. This is not a wiring or lubrication issue, but I haven't investigated much and lived with it. Maybe it's the rod/pulley issue you were speaking about?

I also found that if the fader "rattles" when being automated (i have a couple of them), if you have the wiring tension correct, that most probably be a problem of the inner plastic ring of the fader slider assembly that has wear out (micro level) with time. I've contacted P&G about this and the only fix is replacing the slide assembly with a new one, since the plastic rings are cut and machined with high precision into the assembly.

By the way, I'll pay a pint of bear for whoever finds where to source those side flat head hex screws that attach the fader pcb sandwich to the metal case.  ;D ;D ;D