Author Topic: SL4000 Total Recall - Every other channel displaying wrong number in recall  (Read 661 times)


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After Paul Bamborough, who designed the mix system software, left SSL in the mid 1980's, Phil Cork took over and carried on with all that software stuff. He would know about all that but I think he has moved on to other interests in the USA.


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Adding image of symptom


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I have no idea if this could be of help, but looking at your pic from a programmer's point of view, it has problems with the first two even numbered channesl.
So starting from the point where ich shows channel number 2, the sequence is correct for the even numbered channels : 2,4,6,8,10 ......

For me, this looks like the first 2 even numbered channels are 'not seen' (whatever this means) but the 3rd even numbered channel is chosen as the first even numbered.

To me, this could very well point to a problem with the cabling.

As I said, no idea if this helps in any way, it's just one more way of looking at your problem.

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