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Next steps (project start)
« on: November 14, 2013, 12:02:27 PM »
Hi guys,

I've been quiet the past few days because I've been thinking about the entire process we should adopt to make this project viable and to enable a slowly but steady progress during the next months.

I already had the chance to dive into the hundreds of pages of the service manuals, only to realize that we'll have a long long way and an enormous task ahead (nothing I wasn't already expecting). It's possible, we just need to stay committed! It will only be hard until we start seeing the first fader "moving" by itself I promiss! ;) ehehe

So, I think the first steps is starting to document certain aspects of the system so we can put a big picture up. Only having concrete facts of certain detailed aspects of the SSL system in-hand we can really have a calculated idea how will we accomplish this. There are certain aspects that are dependent of these first phases of our research, such as the choice of a suitable development platform.

To support this I will be opening a web-based development support site  for the project (to announce soon) so we can start organizing documentation onto a wiki page. This will help us to organize and structure information on a appropriate platform after it has been discussed and gathered on the forum. This support site will also provide future services such as code repository, code revision and version control, support, bug-tracking, project page and documentation, etc.

I will be opening new threads soon so we can start discussing certain aspects of the SSL system. What I will ask you to do is also open yourselves threads for the macro-elements/components of the system that you think are at this stage crucial to describe and define.

Lets get this beast by its horns! ;)