Author Topic: Ultimation 353 Servo Card - Ultimate Circuit Analysis and Simulation  (Read 464 times)

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Hi guys,

On my endless endeavor around SSL Ultimation faders I decided for once and for all to do a top to bottom analysis of the 353 servo card circuit and make the ultimate big block & description diagram. This way I would never need to question myself again for the 100th time "how did that really worked?".  :o

I've also went through each block and did the circuit analysis just to make sure misinterpretations were avoided.

Just download the circuit diagrams (in attach) and zoom on each particular section to read the details. I hope this exhaustive work can be useful to you too guys. ;D

I've went even further and focused on the motor driving section (power transistors) and simulated a big chunk of the circuit, where you can clearly see how the circuit behaves for different computer return voltages. You can see voltage and current changes necessary to the forward and reverse movement of the fader (motor).

You can see a video here:

Please let me know if you found any incorrect information so I can correct it.

I would also like to thank Paavo for helping me clear some doubts.


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