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Console vs. direct to tape recording


 I was wondering how others handle recording through the ssl console. I have been going through external preamps and then returning those signals through the channels and then to tape. Are there any people out there who bypass the console and go straight to tape? If so, what are the reasons for this? Noise floor? Thanks

I will bypass the console a lot of times when using external pres. I used Pro Tools HD and I just bring up the playback channels on the desk. 

  Thanks for the reply. Why do you not return through the inserts?

I think its mostly about monitoring than any thing else. If you want true zero latency monitoring you run it thru the board and use it like it was originally designed with the DAW as a tape machine.

Many people now however do not want to run the signal thru anything else than the mic pre before the DAW, complicating the setup  when a console is involved. You could use a split at the DAW input, but it can get messy. They often run the console as a return mixer only, no input only DAW fed signals, that is handled by the DAW cards and can be a very small latency, but with at least the conversion latency both directions. This does have the advantage of confidence monitoring, ie you hear what the converter has done.

So, it's which way do you want to work. That is what the choice is.


Mic -> Preamp (usually not SSL desk) -> Tape / DAW.  SSL usually only for Monitor or mix.
No Need for extra step while tracking.


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