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Your Moderator in this section of SSLmixed!


Hi fellow forum members,

Mattia today officially appointed me „Moderator“ on this section of the Forum (Mixing and Mix Techniques on SSL Boards).

I’ve been a producer and writer for 20 years, own a publishing company and these days do a lot of mixing for both major and independent clients, on my 48-Channel G-Series of course!

As most of you know, the SSL 4000 aka „The Piano of Mixing“ (Chris Lord-Alge actually said that) is an endless inspiration for getting the most awesome mixes done you can imagine. In that spirit, I will try to pick your brains about a few things as they happen to me in my daily studio life.

See you soon (on the forum)!

Matt Sartori:
FANTASTIC to have you on board Marc !
Thank you!!!


Hi Marc
Glad that you are a fellow moderator on this forum. With your excellent attention to detail, especially to do with refurbishing SSL consoles, your useful comments will be very helpful to everyone on here.



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