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Request for Help - Center Section VCA I/O count for 4K/5K/6K and 8K?


Artur D'Assumpção:
Hi o/

We need some help from you guys with more know-how on the SSL consoles and various models.

We are looking to know exactly the VCA I/O amount for the Center Section of the SSL Consoles, among the various models 4000/5000/6000 and 8000. We are trying to understand all the possible VCA combination that existed on these consoles so we can factor them on the new computer design to have the most broad support of the Center Section. We want to cover all bases and don't missing anything.

The 8000 is still blurry to us. We need someone to help us clarifying if the internal VCA connections are similar to the 4K,5K and 6K, and how it is configured in terms of faders, groups, etc.?

So what we've gathered so far is the following (please correct me if something is wrong).

- 8 x VCAs master groups (standard VCA grouping for the 4K, 5K, 6K ... and 8k?)
- 1 x VCA main fader (4K,5K,6K ...and 8k?)
- 3 x VCA groups for A,B and C buses (6K)
- 4 x Optional patchable VCAs (4k, 5k, 6k ...and 8k?)

- possible missing 8k VCA count (help!)

In total we have a minimum of 9 VCAs (8 groups + 1 main fader), and maximum 16 (8 groups + 1 main fader + 4 patchable VCAs + 3 ABC groups). Is this correct or are we missing something?

Would care for your input and comments.



..damn that 9th channel. It breaks the norm. :-)


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