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Artur D'Assumpção:
Hi guys,

We need your help to understand if the design of the 5000 console under the hood is the same/similar/compatible has with the 4000/6000s?

The 5000 has the channel strip broke in modules (much like the old Neves), what leds be to suspect that the backbone and cards might be totally different. But I might be totally wrong here...

In terms of the SSLMixing Computer we are trying to assess if under the hood the electronics are compatible with the 4000s/6000s so we can use the same computer design to support this console. If yes, does make any sense in supporting it at all?

Comments are appreciated. Thanks for your support!



The computer service manual suggests a different setup to the 4k

In this case I think fader and cuts are brought over on different cables.

Artur D'Assumpção:

--- Quote from: sintech on April 05, 2014, 10:33:06 PM ---The computer service manual suggests a different setup to the 4k

In this case I think fader and cuts are brought over on different cables.

--- End quote ---


Could be this a case for the computer to have FADER and CUTS connector? So it supports the 5000 different design?

This brings a problem, if the design that different we might not be able to support with the SSLMixed Computer.  Do you think this would be a show stopper? From what I understand the 5000 wasn't really made for music and it's a totally different system. The only way to support it (if the design is somewhat compatible) is to have a different I/O card for the SSL 5000 bays.

Please let me know your opinion,



Most 5k's are chopped for modules.

The reality is, 5k is pretty dead in the water in terms of music,.. and film just went digital.

I would exclude it for the sake of ease.

(sorry 5k owners)

Yeah, Andy's got it dead right. There is no point in a new computer system being adapted for use with the 5K. Like live consoles over recent years, the film and broadcast world have gradually changed to digital consoles. Just notice the amount and cheap price of 1/4" GPO type patchbays on the market as these industries need these analog systems less and less (which also means I'm almost becoming redundant as well as I muck about with bits of twin screen cable, not fibre optic stuff!).

The SSL 5K was one of the reasons I left SSL as I was heavily involved with that from about late 1985. Every one was different and not straight forward at all. Apart from the number of channels, the configuration varied hugely as well. Some just had 2 sections between fader and meters, others up to 4 and it was mainly aimed at the film and broadcast markets. SSL sold quite a lot to very well known companies like Lucas Film and the BBC but I can't actually remember any recording consoles being made even though that may have happened.

The console PCB's and cabling are different like you state and most modules are just used these days in stand alone racks so, NO POINT in supporting 5K consoles really (again, sorry 5k owners like Andy mentioned!).


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