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Dear friends,

just started a new blog related to my work as mix engineer. Most of it will be related to Mix Techniques, not just about the technical, but also philosophical aspects of the job.

First post is about the "magic of the first listen". Comes in two parts (so far)

Thanks for your support!

Matt Sartori:
well done Marc!
very interesting!


Great idea Marc :)

Great idea, nice reading, thanks!

been really busy the last few months due to the book release of "YOUR MIX SUCKS" +  mixing a ton of records at the same time.

If you're interested in the book PM me, so many of you on here have been good to me. Thanks Mattia, thanks Andy, thanks Artur, and many more, you mean a lot to me.

To celebrate my comeback on the forum, here's some x-rated photo that should not be allowed.... smallest SSL-console ever ;-)


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