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How Hard are You Guys Hitting The Mix Buss?

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I was wondering how hard you guys hit the Mix Buss on Mixes?  I know that most of us realize the magic that happens when nailing the meters on an old E or G series....but how much is too much?
I tend to mix a lot of Rock, gtrs and drums, and find the sweet spot when the 2 buss meters are barely backing off of the "pegged" positions.  In between the Kick and Sn, the 2 buss VU meters will slightly bump backwards.  Sometimes,  depending on the song,  I think that might be a touch hard,  but other times,  I think that adds a little magic.
What do you guys do for rock mixes?

Matt Sartori:
if it still moves you are not pushing enough  :D :D :D

I guess it depends on the music, I have recently mixes a jazz album and hitting the mix buss did not bring anything but top end saturation, lazier transient response and a bit too much aggressiveness to the mix...

but it if guitar,bass and drums rock based then.... they have to break on the end far as I am concerned...

my 2 cents

I have witnessed plenty of sessions where they were pegged the entire time.
Too much is when it sounds bad.  8)

Artur D'Assumpção:
Hi guys,

I am curious, what are you guys using to control the return level into protools? Burying the VU meters will put your protools way over the redline! :)

I personally am using a pair of custom fixed db attenuators patched in the console's output. I am actually planing on expanding this further and design some simple variable H-Pads to have more control. I have to test this to make sure it doesn't affect too much the frequency response.

I know of people that patch in instead other gear in the 2-bus that allows to control the output, for instance a compressors with input/output level control.




--- Quote from: Artur D'Assumpção on March 20, 2015, 06:14:42 PM ---....
I personally am using a pair of custom fixed db attenuators patched in the console's output. ...

--- End quote ---

Sorry if this offset the topic a notch. Why is the master fader considered a bad choice?

I had this discussion with a friend the other day. It was a few years ago I mixed on an SSL but I always used to set the level to tape with the master fader.

Is it a matter of an attenuation "high end" factor? or is it just a case of more buffers to slam?


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