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Thanks!!!  :) :) :) :)
Hope you are doing great!

Hey CH. Glad to see you here.
Hi All.

Last year I was involved in a project where we were supposed to install 2 SSLs. The project never became a reality but unfortunately I had already ordered these power supplies. There is a pretty long wait for an Atomic power supply so a few months back two power supplies showed up at my door. One supply has already been sold but I have one left now.

They are brand new and not unboxed. It is the newest edition of the S1.

More info here:

The Atomic S1 can power up to 64 channels of SSL. If you have a console with VU meters the 250V rail is unused / not connected therefore you can still use this Power Supply.

I notified Misty Druce that I was going to sell the power supplies, so she can confirm and answer any technical questions you might have.
Feel free to get in contact! I will ship anywhere in the world using UPS.

Price 6.000 USD (so save 800 usd, VAT and import charges etc).

Brand new!!! And Clearmountain has it. That should say it all.
Located in Copenhagen Denmark (local pickup available too).

Feel free to get in touch!!!
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: SSL 6000 E DL Connector Pinouts
« Last post by jimlfixit on April 08, 2024, 12:53:24 AM »
Hi. I am Jim Lassen in the UK, the wiring moderator on here and I know alot about the SSL 4 and 6K console wiring. I also worked at SSL for 7 years (1980-87) in the early days.
I am currently having problems with my newer iMac computer at the moment but can help you out to some extent.
In which Country are you based and you are welcome to call me on Whatsapp so I can guide you through this.

For now, I can state that:
DL33 is almost the same as a 4k with the echo returns and sends, LS stuff and cue feeds using up about the first 26 circuits of the DL.
DL32 is always the stereo sends and returns for the first 20 circuits but the 6K has the 4 track record and replay on there as well.
DL31 is rarely used on a 4K but on a 6K has the 8 track rec and replay on the first 16 circuits plus Disc, Prog L,R and Mono and VTR and Air on.
More details to follow ideally but I can't seem to do a screenshoot of the many pinouts I have at the moment which are all wiring views of the rear of a DL plug to help with wiring installation which is what I do!

The best thing to do is to unscrew those 3 DL's (which are secured by M3 x 10 pozi pan screws) drop them down a bit and read the labels which mostly refer to the patchbay jack positions. For example if the white sticky label states N37, that means it is patchbay N/P and is jack 37 on row N (the top row).
The Alternative speaker and redlight relay contacts (normally 2 pins) may be on any one of these 3 DL connectors, along with the Listen Mics (1 or 2) so, every console (4 or 6K) can be different. The listen mics will be refered to the patchbay jack points and are half normalled into the 651 Compressor cards (82E33?) but the red light and alt relay console connectors will have labels which are Z01 and Z02 for example which come from one of the 104 way Mrac (M1 or M2) connectors at the centre section 651.

Hope this helps for now and get back to me. My website is down and being re-constructed but the email and mobile phone details are correct.

Check out my Facebook wiring page with some examples of some of this wiring stuff and get back to me.

Jim Lassen in the UK
4K,6K,8K Series / SSL 6000 E DL Connector Pinouts
« Last post by BLZProductions on April 06, 2024, 05:31:13 PM »

Trying to commission a 6000E that has a 4000E tech manual, with no DL connector list/Pinouts.

I've managed to get my hands on most of the missing info, plus I already had most of the schematic info and ribbon info, but I'm still short of the 6K DL connector summary, most importantly for the 688/651 related IO.
688 group/tape connections, ABC inserts. 651 distro etc.etc.

If anyone has these, please could they post to the forum, as buzzing it all out will be a PITA to be sure.


Glad to hear.
Guys, I am almost ashamed to admit it but the problem (carried for YEARS) was because of those two DAMN jumpers that I was unaware of since they are located under the VCA card. That says a lot about how infinite this console is and how knowing it well is vital to not falling into black holes. Thank you all and I hope this helps those like me who don't understand a thing there in front of their eyes.

4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Automation and Total Recall issue with Tangerine System
« Last post by Franz on April 06, 2024, 01:55:43 AM »
I thought the same thing as soon as I disassembled the VCA card and saw these jumpers (which I was unaware of), so I immediately asked here for those who know more than me. So do I try to change the jumpers?

THD is self-regulating. It detects the channels
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Automation and Total Recall issue with Tangerine System
« Last post by walrus on April 06, 2024, 12:10:08 AM »
I would assume you need the jumpers in the MPX position for the channels that have the multiplex card fitted, not the computer BYPASS position.
The SSL computer had a setup page telling it how many channels the desk had, where they were positioned etc. I have no knowledge of the THD system, does it have a similar system?
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Automation and Total Recall issue with Tangerine System
« Last post by Franz on April 05, 2024, 09:05:16 PM »
I hope so... thank you man.
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