Author Topic: Question to all forum members - project direction (participation requested!)  (Read 10051 times)


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hi everyone,

i've not been here for some time and wanted to say it's great to see the SSL computer project making such good progress

Artur - fantastic work, please keep it up!
these consoles will be around for many years to come and that's because of guys like you

wanted to say a couple of things

it's astonishing how fast electronic components become obsolete these days - had a painful reminder myself a couple of months ago
so please secure some of those Atmel RISCs

none of the issues described are Konnektor's fault
you should see how fast and accurate my 'vintage' E computer handles all of those tasks

to quote you:
'if the basic functions and workflow of the old software is not 100% there, i would not be interested'

this is basically the point why i designed Konnektor, totally agree with you
the SSL automation forces you to use your ears rather than getting your eyes involved - that's the beauty of it

i've witnessed some great engineers doing exactly that
hardly ever looking at the screen, just doing the moves and occasionally hitting a key
that's when it happens, the performance, playing the desk like an instrument
and for me, too - that's what it's all about