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No boot block
« on: May 20, 2021, 08:08:13 AM »
Hi everyone :)

I have a SSL aysis air plus, I tried to backup it with MO disk a few days ago (From "HS0075" to external Mo disk), but in the middle of the program, the host automatically rebooted and asked me to enter the license. At this time, the power was suddenly off...

When I start it again, the Monitor Prompt shows " no boot block ", no matter how I choose boot code(with B1 0,B2 0,B3 0,B1 1,B1 2 etc.. and also H and P instructions) None of them succeeded..
So I took out the internal hard disk and took it to a PC to check. I found that there was less than 500 bytes of data left in the internal hard disk, I wonder if I can only solve this problem by re installing the software?

So I'm looking for A-series software install files..Or does anyone have an installation floppy disk?

You guys are my last hope :) :)