Author Topic: Buying used AWS900+ in 2023  (Read 1903 times)


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Buying used AWS900+ in 2023
« on: March 20, 2023, 08:42:35 AM »
Hi guys,
There are two AWS900+ (from 2006) on the used market near my location on offer for 20k EUR right now.
I was wondering about the implications of buying the AWS used.
Have been reading around GS for some time and have found statements that the AWS is not being supported by SSL anymore, there are hardly any spareparts and SSL won´t release the documentation to fix it yourself.
This looks really grim. With a little bit of bad luck you might have gotten yourself a 20k EUR paperweight. On the other hand the offer is very attractive to get an SSL.

What is your take on this? Have you had any repair experience with the AWS that went well? Or technical info beyond the block diagram?
In theory, even SMD can be soldered/fixed with the right info, no?
Also, would the analog part of the AWS still work if there is an error on the digital side, like the recall or automation systems?
What if the computer wouldn´t boot anymore, would the analog part still be usable on it's own?