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Community Participation (project philosophy)
« on: April 05, 2014, 10:45:19 PM »
Dear friends,

The SSLMixed Computer is a project that's being developed with a community collaboration mindset. It's our goal that the final product would be a result of everyone's participation, contribution and commitment. We would like for you to feel that this is also your project, because it really is, and in the end we'll all be here to enjoy our efforts and success! :)

There's space for everyone and every contribution, only this way is this project possible. We know that not everyone has the same level of know-how on these consoles or either is an expert in electronics or programming, but your experience and opinion matter as much as all the rest. For this reason we count with your participation, no matter if it's technical or non-technical. All types of contributions ARE important!  ;)

This being said, you're all free to open new threads or comment already existent threads, we only ask you to do it on the proper forums (READ ME FIRST - General Posting Guidelines -   

To help prioritize participation we will be using from now on certain TAGS on the thread's subject. The subjects that have these tags are the ones we think are most important and where we ask expressly for the community help or input:

  • Request for Help

    This tag identifies a thread where we are in need of the community 's help to clarify certain doubts/questions we're having regarding the SSL console/computer design, schematics, workflows, etc. This means we almost for sure are stall regarding a certain topic and need your expertise and help. 

  • Request for Discussion

    This tag identifies a thread where we launch a discussion to the community regarding certain topics. This will help us to make better decisions, consider all opinions and views, evaluate pros and cons and finally take the best design/approach possible.


    A thread that is marked with this tag in the end of its subject means that the topic is now closed and all the necessary help/discussion reached a positive conclusion. The thread might still be open if one wants to keep discussing it.

(more tags might appear soon)

Thanks for your help and commitment!


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