Author Topic: How to post Excel files as JPEGS  (Read 2500 times)


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How to post Excel files as JPEGS
« on: January 03, 2013, 03:32:31 AM »
I've just worked out how to post Excel files on the forum. Bear in mind I use a Mac (Lion 10.7.5) and you need something like Photobucket to host the pictures. This may also work with Word files but I haven't tried yet.

1   Open your Excel file and save as a PDF.
2   Open the PDF converted file and make it fit the page.
3   Open Preview from the Mac Launchpad.
4   In the Preview menu at the top of the screen, select take screen shot from the file menu and click from selection.
5   Preview prompts you to drag the crosshairs across the area you wish to select, say from top left to bottom right.
6   When you do this, the computer makes a camera type click.
7   In the File menu, click save, choose a title and where you want it put. Perhaps put a copy in your iPhoto.
8   In the Format menu below, select JPEG.
9   The saved Preview file will have the Preview menus at the top but as soon as you put the file into iPhoto, these disappear.
10   After this, import your JPEG version of Excel into a host site like Photobucket. You need to register first.
11   To show a picture on the sslmixed site, just select the picture in Photobucket and click on the IMG code dialog box underneath. It then shows "copied".

After that, go to your sslmixed post and paste the JPEG in where required. Preview your post and the picture should show up! Click the post button and it is sorted. I think I've thought of everything here! Below is a sample image I did, sent to Photobucket and linked to this back to the forum using the IMG code. This is one patch for a studio I'm involved with in the Isle of Wight, UK called Chale Abbey. They are having a 40 channel SSL and have various large live areas plus accommodation.

Wow, that seemed to work okay. I tried a similar link from Facebook where I also have some pictures but I couldn't find a way of exporting the image unlike Photobucket. I believe Google Drive may work and Sintech (Andy H) is looking into this.

Regards all from Jim Lassen and now Facebook (Select the photos, click the albums and view a photo for more information.)