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4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Solo isolation issue >>SOLVED<<
« Last post by oyanliz on Today at 02:21:10 PM »
Thank you so much Andy.

It is very kind of you!!

4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Solo isolation issue >>SOLVED<<
« Last post by amillar on Today at 12:52:38 PM »

This is how I used to do it on the 651 (from memory):
Measure on the edge connectors of the '33 and '34 cards on the 651 backplane.

Starting with the '34 card (nearest the meter bridge). The last pins 53, 54, and 55 are 0V and are very obviously joined together - this gives you a reference point.

From pin 52 to 55 should be between -18 and -18.5V
From pin 51 to 55 should be between +18 and +18.5V
From pin 51 to 49 should be 7V - as near as you can get it

Now moving to the next card, the '33 card
From pin 47 to 55 should be +48V - somewhere between 47 and 49V.

Be careful - it is easy to get your meter probe to short circuit pins 52 and 53, or 51 and 52.

Wherever you measure it, do NOT measure and adjust between the 11V and 0V connections, ALWAYS measure and adjust between +18V and +11V to be 7V.

Ignore the fact that the service manual mentions "20V" and "13V" on the backplane connectors, that was only true for the very early (about pre 1981?) desks. It was quickly realised that 5534s didn't like being run at +-20V for very long and were dying too quickly. (Actually it might have been the TL074s on the 10 card that died...anyway still not a good thing.)

Hope that helps,


4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Quad comp key input
« Last post by amillar on Today at 12:23:03 PM »
I'm assuming that your problem is not how to key from the back bus (which you can do by simply routing the key signal to the back bus, but not using the back bus output of the compressor / main fader).

I'm assuming your problem is how to stop the front bus also keying the compressor while you are keying from the back bus? Ok, the way I would do this (I think) is to cut the link between pins 17  of the '26 cards on the 651 backplane between the front and rear cards. So the front cards are still linked, and the rear cards are still linked, but the front and rear are seperate. Now you'll need to find another switch! The existing compressor In/Out switch will switch in either the front or rear compressor key input (I don't know which, it depends which pair end up connected to the switch after you've cut the track!), then you can wire a new switch to the other two pins 17 with the switch pulling up to +18V and the lamp pulling down to -18V. (The pull down to -18V isn't essential, R28 on the 26 card should do it anyway.) This should make sense if you have a 26 card circuit.

Now, assuming your main signal is going through the front bus, your signal can be keyed by either the front bus, the rear bus, or both depending which of the switches you press (or both together!). Or off if both switches are off.

Hope that make sense, it's hard explaining in text!

Post here if you get stuck  :)

By the way, this  will invalidate your SSL warranty  ;D


4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Solo isolation issue
« Last post by oyanliz on Today at 10:15:12 AM »
Hi all,

We have tested with other PSU and problem is solved. So the problem is in one of our PSU, the voltage rails are not trimmed propertly. I am able to measure +20v and -20v rails in the 651 mother board, but I do not know how to measure +48v and The differencial between +18v and +12v. I do not see the tracks of +12v and +48v. I try measuring them around S20E connector soldering joints but... I do not have a clear idea of what I am measuring.
bellow +6V and this caused intermitent functioning of solo issolation.

If someone could explain in detail hor to measure rail values on the 651 module... I would be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance


Sell-Buy / Re: SSL 4K G+ PSU 661 with Plasma option from 1997
« Last post by mg73 on November 14, 2018, 01:34:54 PM »
1100 for each 661
500 changeover

2500 for the lot,obo


One 661 sold, Thanks Oihan Lizaso.

Selling the other  661 and changeover for 1200 together .Obo

Sell-Buy / For Sale SSL 4040 E Series Console on Reverb
« Last post by nycsudio1 on November 14, 2018, 05:27:17 AM »
I am selling my SSL 4040 E series console with automation and total recall. The console is in great condition and has been recapped recently.

Some switches need to be cleaned or replaced, but other than that the console is fully functional.

Located in NYC and easy to be removed in one piece from the studio as our elevator is 9ft long and will take the console fully assembled.

Listed on Reverb:

Books and extension cards included.

Sell-Buy / Re: WTB Patchable Stereo VCA cards and cage for center section 4K
« Last post by Clip6 on November 12, 2018, 01:46:32 AM »
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Quad comp key input
« Last post by MarconeMusic on November 11, 2018, 04:13:44 AM »
Andy, That would be amazing if you had an idea towards this. :)
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Mini/Main switching not working
« Last post by amillar on November 09, 2018, 10:29:29 AM »
I did have a quick look at this but I am baffled - but I don't have a 8k manual (and don't know much about how they fudged the monitoring on it).


4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Quad comp key input
« Last post by amillar on November 09, 2018, 10:27:25 AM »
Surely that's got to be possible? I'm away at the moment with no access to the manual but I'll have a look next week if no-one else comes up with an answer.

Fun idea  :)

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