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Title: New Cables by Jim Lassen / Profcon
Post by: viguier on November 14, 2017, 07:17:42 PM
Hello :)

I received today 4 big DL96 <> DB25 cables from Jim Lassen / Profcon....

INCREDIBLE work !!!!!!!!!!

There are also the description on each connection, I really never saw such work !!!!!

I can't tell only GREAT things about these cables, I'll take a lot of other "connection" parts from Jim in the future...

He gives me a lot of advices about my new desk from the pics I sent him, great great guy !!!!


Paul Viguier
Title: DL to 25 way D looms and labelling
Post by: jimlfixit on November 15, 2017, 01:03:24 AM
Hi all. Wow, thanks for the very kind post on here Paul.

The looms I sent to Paul used new Van Damme 24 pair OFC cable and DL plus 25 way D parts I have in stock here.

The labeling just involves measuring out the required label size in millimetres, inputting and converting that into Excel (which I always use for some reason), printing the labels out on an A4 sheet (I normally use yellow paper so that the labels show up in the dark), putting transparent tape on the front (to protect it) and double sided tape on the back (to stick to the backshell).
Then, I cut them out and put them on the connectors (DL plugs and 25 way D's). Simple really but I can detail this some more in another wiring post if you need it?

When I make cables for studio owners or users, I always try to bear in mind that, at some point, the cables may need to be sold on so, I try to future proof them and think about their resale value.

I have a stock of 8 to 32 pair multicore cables here plus DL connectors and 25 way D's, along with some partly made SSL looms which may suit your SSL external cable looms if you need them.

Finally, I am a drummer and I have seen pictures of Paul's studio showing very many snare drums and kits (the most I have ever seen in a studio). I am gagging to go to France at some point to, maybe do some wiring, but also have a play on some of his drums!

Title: Re: New Cables by Jim Lassen / Profcon
Post by: viguier on November 18, 2017, 12:32:24 PM
Hello Jim,

I'll probably take some DL connectors later this year, as I just start to understand some minor details on my desk ( Producer Bay, Listen mics, ... ) :)

I'll make a proper Internet Site for the studio in January, with a lot of pics from our backline ( drums and snares !!! ).

I'll keep you in touch ;)

MANY thanks again, I just read all your post here about wiring the desk, GREAT GREAT job !!!

Title: Listen mics
Post by: jimlfixit on March 07, 2018, 02:43:08 AM
Hi Paul
Just checked in to the forum (which I do every two weeks or so).

Thanks again for your comments, much appreciated and I am getting less work these days as more people go digital it seems so, the old school wiring stuff is somewhat in decline.

Anyway, listen mics and the Producers panel. Listen mics are important as they allow musicians to freely talk to the control room people. SSL have two of these on the console and they have the 33 card compressor in the mix which SSL and other people have made separate units for as they like the sound.

In a live room or booth, one of these should be on a panel and be wired to a suitable mic in the room to allow conversation between the musicians and the CR.

They normally go to DL 33 I think and, from there, they appear on the patchbay (row L from memory).
They automatically switch off during recording (I think) and therefore, do not interfere with any other sounds and feedback, unlike recording mics.

The 621 producers panel was designed for a Producer to be, either at the console position, or remotely somewhere else (hence DL 59 being reserved for a remote Producers panel), so that he/she could listen to the various cues or talk back to the musicians.

This 621 probably needs a separate topic so I will leave it for now but I don't think you really need it for your studio at the moment. Please free to get in contact directly via email (which you have) if you need to ask some questions about this.

Regards Paul and hear from you soon. Hope your studio is now up and running.