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4K,6K,8K Series / Re: 4032E Build: Patchbay
« Last post by jimlfixit on Today at 12:32:48 AM »
Hi Anthony
Just seen your pictures and good luck with your project.
I saw the patchbay pictures and know this will be a problem to solve. Argh, I wish the patchbays and wiring could have been diverted to me here in the UK as I can easily sort it out for your console as some people like Andy on here already know.

It is not difficult but I have the knowledge and proper SSL type parts to make it fit for purpose and it could end up almost ready to just plug in and go with the patchbay to Biccs, DL's and Mrac connectors (the Mracs needing you to terminate at the connector ends plus the Biccs to plug in). This is easy for me but probably much harder for you once you receive the bits and think gulp!

Did the whole lot get shipped out from Mike Stockdale (AES) to you? He is not far away from where I am (30 minute drive)?
Ruddy frustrating to witness this when I could have solved the patchbay wiring issue quite quickly.

Just noticed (1am on 18th July) that it may not be too late for AES to perhaps divert the patchbay bits to here before the rest of it is shipped to Oz.
If this makes sense and you want to communicate about it, before it ships, please contact me now on (

Regards and good luck regardless from Jim.
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: 4032E Build
« Last post by Clip6 on July 17, 2019, 06:24:56 PM »
5K Series console / Re: Looking for 5k fader modules
« Last post by erweko on July 17, 2019, 02:14:12 PM »
I guess I can get you two Fader modules if you still need them
4K,6K,8K Series / 4032E Build
« Last post by horizonsound on July 17, 2019, 06:44:11 AM »
Hi all,

Thought I might start this topic to document the build of a 4032E console.
The intent will be to provide as much information on this journey through photos / videos, as the console is being built up from scratch, including almost all wiring.
I'll be taking note of all the part numbers and suppliers along the way, to help anyone else out.

A few parts have arrived to date (thanks to Andy!), and the other are currently about to be loaded onto a vessel in the UK, arriving mid Sep.

This I'm sure, is going to send me down the rabbit hole!

82E26 Cards and MRACs -


Patch Bays

Patch bay bucket

A few channels / faders already here...

Wiring / Wiring an Mrac from scratch
« Last post by jimlfixit on July 14, 2019, 10:45:48 PM »
Hi Anthony
If you are wiring MRAC connectors from scratch as you state, I hope you are wiring the wires from the patchbay to the two Mracs, as opposed to the other way round.
Always wire from the largest area to the smallest one (patchbay to Mracs or DL's etc) otherwise you will encounter various looming problems.
Wiring / Using a 48 pair for connectorised patchbays
« Last post by jimlfixit on July 14, 2019, 10:04:41 PM »
Hi everyone.
Thought you may all be interested in this 48 pair loom which uses 6 x 8 pair 25 way D subs at each end. This was completed to go to and from a 96 way 12 x D sub patch connectorised patchbay, more commonly used these days, to an effects rack some 8m further on and was one of 2 x 48 way cables made.
It was made to go in a boat as the client just wanted less looms as possible (not 24 x 8 circuits but just two ideally).
It was interesting as it was being made for a boat (EelPie, for Pete Townsend, the Who guitarist) but boring to make (who wants to do 24 x 25 way Dís in one go?). The large boat, based in London, UK, has an SSL Duality console it seems.

I made sheathed 1m splits at either end as the main 48 pair cable is heavy and could put stress on the patchbay end at least. I also supplied some cable tie bases and ties so he could secure the cables to the sides of the racks. I also labelled the D Subs for each 48 pair loom in different colours so the user could easily see the difference at each end.

I have made 48 pair cables before but only for 2 x 24 pair SSL DL cables. This is a sign of the times whereby a 48 pair can be solely used for a single row of a 25way D sub patchbay (6x8 circuits) and go to and from another location.

If you wish to have larger looms like this made, get in contact (
Wiring / Mogami cable, Mrac pinouts and SSL grounding
« Last post by jimlfixit on July 14, 2019, 01:23:07 PM »
Hi Franz

Thanks for your response again. Mogami cable is very flexible as it doesn't use an overall foil screen but takes longer to wire as you have to cut off the surplus overlapped screen. As someone above mentioned, it may be an idea to fold the screen wire in the DL crimp as it is so small in diameter. Normal DL crimps suit 24-26 gauge wire but there others (which I have) that are for 28-32 gauge. Trouble is, they need a different crimp tool. I have the normal crimps here as well if you need some and I supply them to many companies and studios as well as use them for looms I am constructing. I also have loads of 56 way Edacs and backshells if you need them.

I have some MRAC documentation for both the 4 and 6K consoles. Just need to find some missing pages!

I have spent a load of time investigating the SSL grounding system and know all about it. Not many people realise that the SSL grounds everything that goes into and out of it via the DL 96 way connectors. I will post something about this as a separate post later (I have already and it is listed in a technical post) but basically all the internal SSL wiring is grounded on the 6 way Bicc connectors which then link to one of the copper bars and head out towards the earthing bolt on the connector panel.

These same internal wires do not have their screens wired to the patchbay jacks as a result, as they are already grounded at the Bicc end. The 651 cable screens are not connected at the patchbay for the same reason as they connected via the 651 ground cable which is also linked to the same analog copper bar as the channel signals from the upper busscard.

All the external DL's, whether mics, multitrack, listen mics, echos or user option continue their screens to the patchbay, which is screwed into the frame and a green wire also connects these screens to the end grounding block, near the same earthing bolt (0BA or M6 ... same difference).

So, the SSL could screen everything plugged into it. From the SSL, the main screening bolt 50/0.25 big yellow/green cable could go to the SSL computer. If you don't have a computer, the SSL 661 power supply would take the screens to your studio AC power socket, via it's plug lead. There is also an internal link in the power supply which may need to be changed if you use a computer or not.

Hope this helps a bit, even though it may seem complicated. Good luck and may hear from you soon.

Wiring / Re: An example of a 4K DL32 wiring
« Last post by horizonsound on July 13, 2019, 11:34:15 PM »
Hey Jim,

Once again, excellent information on the wire labelling!! Van Damme is not as widely used in Australia, and seems to be mainly Mogami or Canare. I personally prefer the Mogami for multipin connectors due to having a bit more flexibility. The current system I have is all on EDAC 90/56 connectors, which was so much fun to wire up (/sarcasm). I'll be keeping all of the EDAC system, and converting the DLs as needed.

My 651 is only about to get loaded on to a boat (with a whole lot of other parts), not arriving here until September. Such is now the anxious waiting with seafreight.
So, there is a lot of time to do some research and work all this out.

The existing 4000G service manual details the pinout of the MRACs, and it's very detailed in that it give the pin number, function, and row where it terminates on the patchbay, etc..Hopefully it is easy to work out, but I will be taking a lot of photos / video during this process for everyone to look at.

The grounding of this seems a dark art, as it appears only hot and cold are terminated at the patchbay, like the BICC connectors on the bucket motherboards.

I'll need to talk to you about getting some patchbays and parts, after all this arrives and I can take stock of what I need.

Wiring / MRAC wiring from scratch
« Last post by jimlfixit on July 13, 2019, 10:16:02 PM »
Hi Anthony

Further to my last post, send me some pictures of your MRAC wiring and any documentation so I can advise a bit. (

I won't spend long on this as time is money (literally need to pay the rent) but can possibly quickly advise and we can all learn a bit more. I think I know already but it would be interesting to see some close up pictures with details.
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