Author Topic: SSL Duality 25 way D wiring and patchbays.  (Read 3562 times)


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SSL Duality 25 way D wiring and patchbays.
« on: May 29, 2018, 09:57:25 PM »
Hi Duality and other SSL users with 25 way D connectors (as opposed to 96 way DLís).

Just to say that I have recently installed a different make console (John Oram 48 channel) into a London studio and, after doing loads of 25 way D looms over the past few years (as it seems the way to go), I can offer you the following if it helps.

1   Custom or standard 25 way D looms. For a recent studio I did 10 more complex ones including 4 x 2 pairs going to different places and I also specíed out and got another company to make 38 more standard versions.

2   Mosses and Mitchell continuous 2 x 48 way nickel jack patchbays with 12 x 25 way D connectors (as used by SSL). I can configure these inside as well for half or fully normalling plus different arrangements for technical screening.

3   Designing a patchbay layout (I recently did 13 revisions for a small 4 bay patchbay system so am very experienced at all that over 35 years and working at SSL.

I could have posted this in the buy and sell menu (and may still do so after this) but thought I would post here first.