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I have 34 years of experience in tech work.

I started in the Air Force troubleshooting and repairing ground navigational systems, then migrated (by necessity) to recording studio equipment. As you can probably guess, the audio equipment is a stroll in the park for me compared to the navigational stuff.

I am also (by accident) an audio engineer who has numerous gold, platinum and top ten Billboard credits, so I know how to fly an SSL, or any other large format mixing consoles.

To date, I have restored several large format mixing consoles (two SSL's, so far, this year), and have a SSL test jig for off-site repairs.

- Console commissioning
- Cable assembly, including DL connectors
- Troubleshooting and repair
- Console inspection

I also possess a NASA soldering certification (so your SSL solder joints are guaranteed to work in space). I am also willing to travel.
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Re: Patrick Olguin - SSL Tech - Northern California
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HI Pat,
Welcome to the forum and wow..what a curriculum!
Always great to have talented people around here!
Matt Sartori