Author Topic: 2 boxes with a lot of SSL 4000 IC's  (Read 646 times)


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2 boxes with a lot of SSL 4000 IC's
« on: June 09, 2023, 08:17:31 AM »
I have 2 boxes for sale with a lot of spare SSL 4000 ic's. They were owned by a SSL tech for repair.
(btw, I have a lot of more SSL spare parts, see last picture, and more stuf to come that I have to organize first)


14x  CPBJ0332
6x CD4081BE
2x FTJ9614
7x LM324N
4x CD4027BE
4x CD4073BE
1x 8918KF
1x 8909VD
1x 9223VJ
2x 9135VJ
3x TL074ACN
1x FW19551
1x FXA 9622
3x CD4075BE
1x FDI9608
1x FFK09436
2x FVL9551
1x FFVS8919
1x FFVX9034
1x FDL9514
1x FIF9526
1x LF351N
1x FF8523D
1x FUW9629
1x FUD9541
1x FHB9528
4x CD04027BE
1x FXJ9609
3x FBR9616
1x FFH9611
4x CD4071BE
1x DM74LS154N
1x DM74LS74AN
1x DM74LS38N
1x DM74L17N
1x MC74HC164N
1x DM74LS14N
1x MM74C85N
1x DM74LS02N
1x DM74LS32N
1x H9241
1x H9536
1x DM7406N
1x HNN9544-2
2x LF347N
1x B17749
3x CD4071BE
1x SCL4076BE


75x N5534N
9x LM324N
7x CD4072BE
3x LF347N
5x MC34001P
9x 5219 (4603)
11x 4562D (JRC1002D)
13x LF351N
5x SN74LS04N
1x SN74LS123N
1x SN74LS173AN
1x SN74LS293N
1x SN74LS368AN
1x SN74LS42N
4x 4BA231N (CD4043BE)
1x PG42AB (CD4069UBCN)
7x CD4069UBE