Author Topic: Original SSL Speaker shelves + Custom Shelves for ATC SCM25 & DL crimp Tool  (Read 482 times)


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Hello everyone,

- Original Nearfield  Speaker Shelves for SSL Console Meter Bridge

- Custom Speaker Shelves made for a pair of ATC SCM25

- Hand Crimp Tool for DL Connectors

I can ship worldwide, please ask for a quote for shipping.



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Hi. I would strongly suggest that all of these items are very overpriced (no offence intended)

After being at SSL from 1980-87 and knowing the price of these items since then, I think you are charging way too much and people can buy cheaper versions elsewhere and can always make their own versions of speaker shelves of course.

I have 2 spare versions of these DL crimper tools here now, apart from what I am using, and have been being doing SSL studio installs for about 30 years or so. I also sell the 96 way DL connectors to studios and distributors Worldwide plus cable and other parts so know what I am talking about.

Good luck with this but get real at the same time.

PS: Where are you based as we don't know? Somewhere in Europe I guess as your prices are in Euros?
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