Author Topic: Cosmetic cleaning of an SSL 4k G channel  (Read 4374 times)


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Cosmetic cleaning of an SSL 4k G channel
« on: June 10, 2014, 07:55:26 AM »
Hi guys

So we finally completed fully cleaning of our newly acquired 4064G+. Very dirty indeed...

I made a small timelapse of part of the process on youtube:

This video shows the cosmetic channel cleaning process as part of the refurbishment of the SSL 4064G+ in Frostbox Studios in Copenhagen.

The channel is seated in a slotted height adjustable table found in the scrapyard and rebuild with a new controller-part that was broken.

The process takes one an a half hour for two people per channel...

Simple description:
1: Remove all buttons using a fabric-taped plier.
2: Remove all the tops of the knobs carefully with a knife.
3: Reset all knob positions to default (the detent or fully counter clockwise).
4: Remove all knobs using a fabric-taped plier and the special knob screwdriver. Be careful not to change the positions of the knobs.
5: All buttons and knob heads goes into a ultrasound bath (cheap one approx: 50$). 40 kHz for 5 min. Pink knob heads less time and buss routing switches longer time.
6: Use a cloth to wipe off the last dirt.
7: Meanwhile step 5 & 6 is done by your collegue you clean the surface with baby wipes, then a small area with toothbruss and a small amount of water and soap, then Q-tips dipped in water and soap, then finally check with a baby wipe that its all clean.
8: Reseat the buttons and knobs in the default postition.

Then we blow air across the curciut boards downwards, clean the edge connector with isopropyl alchohol and Q-tips. Finally we used a contact cleaner for the two insert switches.
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Re: Cosmetic cleaning of an SSL 4k G channel
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