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9000J racking
« on: November 16, 2021, 09:56:57 PM »
Hello all

I have two 9000J modules that I'm trying to rack following SSL tech's instructions on an older thread. I built a JLM Audio power supply that will supply 6 -1.5 amp rails. I have wired it up and it passes signal with the eq and dynamics working but at half the power and weak, not full range. Also the only LED's that were lighting up were the dynamics, but when testing the voltages at the regulators I accidentally shorted the 5 volt regulator and it popped my regulator on my power supply sending +26 v onto that rail that I was supplying +8. when that happened ,  the LED's on the module started working? Fixed the power supply and dialed it back to +8 and no LED's. If I increase the voltage I start to get LED's around 11 v?.
I'm less concerned about that but the audio not being full range and strong. I am getting the same results on both modules.

Any insight if I'm missing anything.