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4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Full 4K refurb
« Last post by radardoug2 on August 02, 2021, 02:26:23 AM »
I agree with Alan. EDACs are OK, but DLs are better.
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Full 4K refurb
« Last post by horizonsound on August 01, 2021, 11:16:28 PM »
Someone wrote a great piece on DB25 vs EDAC vs DL connectors a long while back. Might have been on GS.
They highlighted the issues with each, mostly around the type and reliability of pin contact.
DL being the best having zero insertion force.

I'm an EDAC person, but that is a legacy of having once owned an ADAT system, and Amek console.

4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Full 4K refurb
« Last post by waltzingbear on August 01, 2021, 10:53:59 PM »

worse idea ever, do not use db25
if you don't like DL use EDAC, but not dbfing25

9000 J & K series / Re: 9K Calibration
« Last post by thejoerusso on August 01, 2021, 06:44:40 PM »
This is for K series but I'm sure it's close enough to get the idea.
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Full 4K refurb
« Last post by Kprellz on August 01, 2021, 07:12:46 AM »
Well after fighting the patchbay and the MRAC's we decided to deloom the console haha. this console also had a producers panel at some point, when they removed it they left all the cabling so we decided now was the time to correct that also. We decided that were going to forego the attached patchbay and go with remote bittree patchbays. i'm going to make a new distro panel with slots for db25 instead of DL and convert the whole console over to db25. No going back now!

4K,6K,8K Series / 4040E Keyboard stuck (spacebar)
« Last post by Sound Chief on July 27, 2021, 02:04:53 AM »
Iím having some issues with a keyboard on my SSL 4040E and thought you may have run into this issue at some point.

The Tangerine unit arrived bout 2 weeks ago and everything tested fine. Keyboard, transport, recall, everything was working out of the box as it were, which really was surprising and gratifying for the amount of work Iíve done on the console.

Yesterday, the mini E keyboard spacebar (I think) is acting like its stuck as its creating over 200 new location points in Pro Tools.

The keyboard beeps as expected when booting up the Tangerine. The problem starts up after the console is warmed up. Iíve checked all connections and reseated all cables on the keyboard and the ribbons under the desk going to the TAI.

Iím running the Atomic for power so its not the supply :)

Seeing I could not test the keyboard without a computer until the Tangerine arrived, maybe its always been an issue - not sure.

Really appreciate any ideas you may have.
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: 4032E Build
« Last post by oyanliz on July 26, 2021, 01:59:15 PM »

Amazing job Anthony!!

You are the best!!

Waiting for computer renewal project updates!

Best regards!!

4K,6K,8K Series / Re: 4032E Build
« Last post by horizonsound on July 25, 2021, 11:19:53 PM »
Hi all,

We went in to hard lockdown 10 days ago, so the time was right to disassemble the console and do the expansion.

For what I thought would be an easy exercise, it turned in to a complete rewire of all the patch bays. There was a lot of focus on getting the wiring neat, and using lacing, which I now love!

Here's the last 10 days in a montage....

9000 J & K series / 9K Calibration
« Last post by Chris Simon on July 24, 2021, 12:14:56 PM »

         I'm currently servicing a 9K strip cut down and Rack-mounted by Rhoades  Audio Designs(RIP). After recapping the strip, I'd like to calibrate it; does any 9K calibration procedure exist, as it does for a 4K. Thanks.
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: 9000K Calibration
« Last post by Chris Simon on July 24, 2021, 12:13:58 PM »
My apologies for not placing this in the 9000 sub forum; does not seem to be much activity there these days.
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