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4K,6K,8K Series / Re: issues with vca group 6 and 8
« Last post by christiancarvin on June 10, 2021, 07:28:53 AM »
Please, would you explain me how does work the vca in that part of the desk? I've read things like "gain of the amplifier then depends on the light falling on the LDR" but here I can't see any led diodes. Thanks :)
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Wet dry mod
« Last post by christiancarvin on June 10, 2021, 01:49:57 AM »
Could it be a solution (see attached file) ?
thanks for your reply 🙂
4K,6K,8K Series / Re: Full 4K refurb ... Buscard screws
« Last post by jimlfixit on June 09, 2021, 12:58:53 AM »
I am glad that the M3.5mm screws seem to work fine for securing the upper and lower buscards to the various ISEP rail extrusions. SSL used 4BA pan head screws for this but M3.5 would do the job for a short screw.

SSL used UK BA screws at the time about the late 1970's for almost ALL of the screw fixings for the earlier SSL consoles apart from 6:32 taptights for the frame connections (M3.5mm is also ok now) and 4:40 for the early patchbays.

Your story about getting your console sorted out is interesting and I wish you luck. Horizon Sound and Marc Mozart, amongst others, have also undertaken great refurbishments and backwards engineering on SSL consoles.

Good luck and I look forward to more of your posts.
Bad news about the Mracs being cut off and I have some here if useful, plus pinouts.
That's exactly what I'm curious about. I've heard great things about Jeff's latest opamp, the CA0252, and I'd like to figure out how to implement this 2-ACA-BO with four CA0252 as cleanly as possible. If I succeed (if someone wants to help me) I will post A/B comparisons. I certainly think it can stimulate curiosity! :)

I've done that before, added to rear channels with a different summing section for clients, its usually either an improvement or no change, depending on the console. Then one gets used and the other ignored.

Thanks Alan and Franz!
Hi Alan, thanks for your response. Mine is an experiment. It is a high quality "summing box" (for Mike). You're right, it will raise the noise floor a bit but it has a beautiful sound. Just because I don't want to make substantial changes to the 4K I asked if it could be added to the rear buses (since in the vast majority of cases, like mine, they are not used). If it was a feasible thing and if so how. That's all. Maybe, as soon as it's installed, I'll upload some tests on the forum and we'll all evaluate the difference. If it was money wasted, I'll implement it in something else.

raises the noise floor and adds a transformer.

ya makes yer choices and pays yer money.

For us less technical 4K owners out there, could you explain what this does and it's advantages?


Hi all, I just completed the 2-ACA-BO (with Elmas 1K pots) of Jeff Steiger at Capi gear and would like to include it in the center section of my 4K. Vance Powell also has this in his 6K, but since they are obviously different consoles, can anyone help me figure out the best way to insert it? I suppose it should take the place of the '26 cards but what I'm wondering is: instead of removing the '26 cards "FL" and "FR" and obviously lose the use of the quad comp, I can use the rear bus "RL" and "RR" and through the pot decide whether to sum with SSL or CAPI? Is this feasible?

Attached the photo of the complete unit and related documents.

Thank you!
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