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Like an Ostrich I had my head in the sand hoping this day would never come, but it has. Inboard CRT monitor has died....arrgh!

I'm using an external CRT for now while I look at the options, ie scaler + LCD. If anyone knows of a working replacement please let me know as I would like to get this fixed as quickly and painlessly as possible!


Matt Sartori:
what a pain...I cannot be of much help with this but perhaps if you show some pictures of it some ideas might pop up?


Hi, elshiftos.

I recently went through this as well. What a pain in the ass!

Luckily, I found that our issue with the monitor was simply a power supply. What does the monitor sound like when plugged into the wall? Does is have a slight clicking type noise? If so, you may be in luck!

We pulled the monitor out and got all of the information on the unit - including the original manufacturer's information and part numbers. We contacted them and told us that this was one of the only monitors that they've made in their history that they do not have a simple LCD/LED replacement for. (of course SSL had to order a totally custom monitor).

Where are you located?

You can PM me for my email to get some more help as I have several great options to make getting this fixed fairly easy. And they're relatively cheap too!

George Roskos
Architekt Music

Hi George,

Thanks for the reply.

Well it started off as an intermittent ticking but the picture was ok, now it has failed completely. On investigation I have found a shorted transistor in the HV output stage which could mean the output transformer has also failed. Microvitec (manufacturer) want me to send the monitor in for inspection but I'll lean on them for spare parts before doing that ;)

The best that SSL could offer was a video scaler (RGBS to DVI) for UKP2500!

I/We are in the UK.


have you tried   
It is a scaler with VGA output and DVI
In ebay they run about $300 used. Good luck


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