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9000J - Fader interface Card - 629040 - blown fuses


Hey everyone,

Got a call from the studio last night saying that the stereo buss is no longer passing audio. Busses A-D and the externals still worked, So they used that to get through the night.

Come in today, works fine with the SSL computer OFF.

Take a look in the computer and the LEDs for the +12v and -12v are off on both Fader cards.

Test the fuses, and sure enough they're blown.

Now does anyone know where I can order these from? I'm having a hard time finding them online.

I know they're 2A fuses, but to be honest, I've never seen these before. I've attached a picture.

PS- love the information on the site!

Matt Sartori:
I am not even sure what type of fuse it is (fast, slow..) but here is an example:

PCB Leaded fuses


The 2A Pico fuses are made by Bussman, look identical to the ones on the 4k

It maybe worth asking SSL for the part number, but in my experience, I've just bought 2A Pico Fuses from eBay, and these have worked great in the past :-)))

Got a reply from SSL, here is the part number that they sent me:


Here's a link:

Hope this helps anyone in the future.

They're great up in NY, ALWAYS willing to help, and allow me to pick their brains for nuggets of information.


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